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Casio G Shock Swiss Military Watches

Powerful and Attractive Casio G Shock Military Watches

Individuals who are working in the field or are nurturing outdoor hobbies may want to consider getting a watch that is suitable for their lifestyle. Conventional wristwatches show time, but a military watch also shows other pieces of information that are equally important. In addition, military watches are styled a certain way: they are created to be more resistant to direct damage and to other technical damages, making them more suited for individuals who are engaged in rough activities.

Casio military watches under G-Shock are the most notable and recognized name. G-Shock watches are so called because of their high resistance to shocks, making them a top choice in sports, military and outdoor use. Casio military watches hav been the forefront in wristwatch technology since Casio started the line in 1983. G-Schock has been churning out millions in sales and support since then from institutions all over the globe. For individuals who are interested in getting Casio military watches for themselves or loved ones, here are three models that can be considered:

Casio G-Shock Riseman Multi-Function Digital Black Resin Mens Watch G9200BW-1CR
G-Shock Riseman is a favorite all-around watch among Casio military watches. Individuals who have used the watch are thrilled about its features, accuracy, quality and its looks. For a military watch, it doesn’t look bulky when worn, which makes it compatible for wrists of all sizes.
The Riseman is a digital watch with a case of 49mm by 15.9mm and a 25mm wide band. The case material is black resin with a white tone. The band and dial are also black, giving the watch a solid look. Users will not have difficulty reading the watch because of a highly contrastive scheme and a backlight option. Movement type is solar-powered quartz.

Some special features include day and date, alarm, countdown, stopwatch, hourly signal, and world timer for 29 zones. The time format can also be set to either 12- or 24-hour. The Riseman also displays the following information: temperature, air pressure and altitude. This model is equipped with twin sensor and is shock, scratch and water resistant at 200m.

Casio Men's Black G-Shock Digital Anti-Magnetic Gold Tone Analog Watch

Individuals who are particularly enamored by the appearance over functionality of the Casio military watches may want to get the Classic GA110GB-1A. Casio G-Shock Riseman Multi-Function Digital Black Resin Mens Watch G9200BW-1CR  is a visual feast with its gold tone dials and finishes, giving it a luminous, powerful and highly attractive look. This is counterbalanced with black resin case material. Wearers will definitely turn heads and get compliments for this than most other Casio military watches. Users have found that it can make a great accessory for both casual and classy occasions.

The Classic GA110GB-1A  is 51.2m by 16.9mm and weighs 70g. This model offers both digital and analog displays. If users find that the dials are difficult to read, then they can easily rely on the digital display, which has both 12 and 24 hour formats. Apart from this, the watch also shows day, date and month.
Users of the watch will benefit greatly from its shock, 200m water, and magnetic resistance. The movement type is quartz. Other features include 29-zone world timer, snooze and daily alarms, hourly time signal, stopwatch, and countdown timer. LED light display with afterglow aids allows users to read the time easily in any condition.

Casio Men's GR7900NV-2 G-Shock Tough Solar Power Military Navy Digital Watch
For those who are tired of solid black, this blue resin Solar Navy Military GR7900NV-2 may just suit their tastes. The Military GR7900NV-2 is just one of a few Casio military watches that G-Shock has restyled with a deep navy blue colorway to suit unique color preferences. What makes the Military GR7900NV-2 especially appealing is its affordable price. Users have found that the model exceeds expectations, and make great pieces in a collection.

The Military GR7900NV-2 is especially suited for surfers and sea farers thanks to its tide and moon graphs, which also shows moon phase. Apart from these, the watch enjoys traditional G-Shock features like daily and snooze alarms, hourly time signal, stopwatch, and countdown timer. Its world timer feature shows 31 zones and has a daylight saving on/off option. Its movement type is Japanese quartz.
This model has a 50mm by 17mm case and weighs 71g. In addition, it is also has a rechargeable Tough Solar battery, power indicator and power saving option. Full Auto EL backlight with afterglow helps in readings. The Military GR7900NV-2 is shock resistant and water resistant at 200m.
Buying Casio Military Watches
Military watches are often more expensive than other types and brands because of the features they carry. When buying a military watch for yourself or a friend, it is important to remember which specific features are especially significant for the user. Military watches carry multiple sensors and can display a lot of information. But these are only valuable to those who need them.

Men's Vintage Military Watches

Vintage Military Watches For Men

Are you looking for a real watch to wear, one that just screams “I’m a real man”, and not just any other watch? There are tons and tons of different kinds of watches out there, but probably one of the best, if not the best variation of men’s watches would have to be vintage military watches for men. Not only are these watches stylish (it cannot be denied that anything closely connoted with the military is cool and very man-like), it is also very durable, very functional, and just practical overall.

All of these features in one watch is exactly what a man’s watch should have.
Even though these vintage military watches are the classification of watches nearly perfect for you men in search for the right kind of watch to wear, there are still many different models and brands within this said classification. To help you decide, about to be listed below are three of the top, and most popular men’s vintage military watches. These are:

Military Watches For Men


Some Facts about Military Watches Revealed!

I collect watches and I am a hardcore fan of military watches for men - they are a league on their

own. They are fashionable, debonair and very handsome. They look very fine on your wrist. 
Very masculine! If you think that only army men can pull off a military watch, then it's certainly not true.

There is a much more to a military watch than just a device that tells time. 

They often have built-in compasses, chronometers and other such instruments that apart from being extremely useful, add certain classiness to the watches, in my opinion. There is a large variety of military watches for men out there to choose from. They range from being casual or sporty to official military watches.

Military Watches for Men --- History and Present

Of course, the added functionalities of military watches distinguish them from the rest. The vintage military watches are hands down the best military watches for men, and also the extremely pricey.