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Military Watches For Men


Some Facts about Military Watches Revealed!

I collect watches and I am a hardcore fan of military watches for men - they are a league on their

own. They are fashionable, debonair and very handsome. They look very fine on your wrist. 
Very masculine! If you think that only army men can pull off a military watch, then it's certainly not true.

There is a much more to a military watch than just a device that tells time. 

They often have built-in compasses, chronometers and other such instruments that apart from being extremely useful, add certain classiness to the watches, in my opinion. There is a large variety of military watches for men out there to choose from. They range from being casual or sporty to official military watches.

Military Watches for Men --- History and Present

Of course, the added functionalities of military watches distinguish them from the rest. The vintage military watches are hands down the best military watches for men, and also the extremely pricey.

Military watches may be in trend now, but that doesn't mean they are a new development. You might already know that they date back to the World Wars, when soldiers needed to tell time in rough situations. 

They introduced water-resistant and night-vision watches and have evolved now into casual and military sports watches for men. There are Navy Seal watches and Marine watches.

How to Decide on a Military Watch?

Military watches for men tend to be quite expensive so you need to be absolutely certain about what you're buying before you go and dig deep into your pockets. Military watches are distinguished due to their features like chronographs, built-in compasses, barometers, weather readings, and several light settings so that time is visible everywhere. There are some factors that you should know and make sure before buying a military watch.

Selling points of a Military Watch

Once of the things that makes a military watch highly attractive is the symbols on the hour dial that represent the power of the military on earth, in the air or in water. They have a 24 hour dial and complete one rotation in a day. Sturdiness is also one of the main focuses of the military watch designs, as they are meant to be durable and to be able to endure roughness, just as the men they were
originally created for.

Functionalities of the watch are also an important consideration when making a decision to buy one. The luminescence is quite a handy capability of a military watch that allows you to know time even in the dark. The chronograph is a very nice tool to have in your watch. For those who do not know, chronograph is essentially, a stop watch.
A vintage watch is absolutely invaluable but you need to be careful to check if they are genuine. Of course they are quite expensive, so you need to keep your budget in mind when looking for the best military watches for men.

There are a multitude of military watches out there that are defined by their unique and efficient functionalities. Military watches with multi-function have been around for decades now, and they have always been about more than just time-telling.

A military watch with multi-function has to have date and day information aside from the requisite time and also temperature telling. Also their being solar-powered sweetens the deal, so battery dying is not a concern.

Rechargeability, luminescence, shock in addition to water resistance and durability also make for a good military watch. Stopwatch, alarms and counters are also desirable functionalities. They are also customized for Navy and other forces primarily for being heavy-duty among other things that are suitable for certain conditions.

Military Watches with G-Shock

Military watches with G-shock are known to be super-sturdy and if you are going for powerful and rugged, then those are just the choice for you since they resist hard knocks or vibrations. Casio came up with the brand and it thrives now and has evolved with a lot of new features, too. They are all known to have chronographs, luminescence and are water-resistant in addition to being shock-resistant. 
Most modern models have atomic clock synchronization which makes them extremely accurate. They
also come with a quality Casio coined as "Tough Solar" which implies that the watch can be recharged through solar power. They now come with metal bands, too, aside from rubber. The crystals for these watches are usually flat with or without lenses but they may have rounded crystals too with or without lenses.